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Agent Mauss Supports Reconciliation


Wochenspiegel 08.07.1998

Agent Mauss believes a ceasefire in Colombia is “within reach”/ intensive efforts on part of Mauss and Churches

District (cen). He has barely been back two weeks and he’s busy with peace negotiations again. Werner Mauss (58) the legendary secret agent from the Hunsrück region.

Due to his mediation in cooperation with the Catholic Church, it has been possible, according to ELN spokesman Pablo Beltran, to persuade representatives of the second largest Colombian rebel organisation, the National Liberation Army (ELN) and prominent members of Colombian society to attend a peace forum in Mainz on the 12th of July in which an attempt will be made to find a settlement to end the almost 40 years of armed conflict in the South American country.

Mauss, who received a mediation mandate from both of the parties to the conflict, has excellent contacts to the ELN. According to Mauss, agreement on a “mutual ceasefire” between the rebels and the government troops is the intention behind the negotiations.

Colombia, says Mauss, has suffered from a wave of violence for the past forty years, and last year alone this claimed the lives of some 6000 people. A ceasefire is, however, in his opinion, now “within reach”.
“The bloodshed could soon be at an end”, commented the 58-year-old to the WOCHENSPIEGEL. Mauss himself believes that many lives could have been saved had he not been arrested in November 1996.
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