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40 Years of Fighting Crime – A Pioneer in the Fight Against Criminality

Rhein Zeitung

Justice Must Once More Prevail

RZ (Rheinzeitung), 30th July 1998
Dietmar Brück  

Exclusive interview with Colombian guerrilla leader Antonio Garcia: Massacres need to be investigated and those responsible brought to justice


Still Many Obstacles to Peace

Rheinzeitung, 30th July 1998

Colombia: Exclusive interview with guerrilla leader


German Help Saved Kidnapped Senator in Colombia

RZ (Rheinzeitung) No. 222   24th September 1998
Dietmar Brück  

German government and ex-agent Mauss helped former parliamentary president Espinosa – peace process continues


End-of-the Year Review: 21st May...

RZ (Rheinzeitung) No. 300   28th December 1998

May 14th: The investigating committee on hazardous waste smells an explosive rat. One of Environment Minister Klaudia Martini’s advisers is said to have passed on protocols to witnesses from the special waste management association SAM.


German Bishop Helps Negotiate Hostage Release

RZ (Rheinzeitung) No. 3   5th January 1999

BOGOTÁ. German bishop Emil Stehle, who is currently working in Ecuador, has added his efforts to those of private agent Werner Mauss to try to obtain the release of a recently kidnapped Munich man.


IInterview: Mauss: A Life in Danger
The Adventurous Life of the Ex-agent

RZ (Rheinzeitung) 27th March 1999

Mauss: A Life in Danger
Master detective, super agent and government negotiator in risky peace mission: Werner Mauss is a living legend.


Alleged Secret Mission on Jolo Whips Up Storm

RZ (Rheinzeitung) No. 220, 21st September 2000
Dietmar Brück

Vollmer criticises Mauss and Schmidbauer – Accusations baseless claims ex-agent

BERLIN. Former super agent Werner Mauss and erstwhile intelligence services coordinator at the Chancellor’s Office, Bernd Schmidbauer of the Christian Democrats (CDU) are in the news once again.


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