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40 Years of Fighting Crime – A Pioneer in the Fight Against Criminality

Bild Zeitung

He sits in prison and says nothing

Article by Ottmar Kauck published 10th November 1996

Pilot’s glasses, blue T-shirt, jeans, noticeably well conditioned arms, said to be 36 years old. She arrived with Mauss 5 days ago, claiming: "We are interested in Precolombian art."


Düe Jewellery Discovered At Father’s Former Shop

Bild, Hanover edition 24th June 2000, p. 3 by Cornelia Missling and Axel Sturm

Who hid it behind the wood panelling?
- The spectacular robbery of exclusive jeweller René Düe – For 19 years investigators have sought missing jewellery.


New Theories on Stolen Düe Jewellery

Bild Zeitung – News from Hanover – 26th June 2000 By Axel Sturm

BILD reported the sensational find exclusively on Saturday. The 10.8 kilos of jewellery handed over to police by the Hildesheim lawyer Martin Fett were hidden in a cavity behind wood panelling in the former business premises of Düe’s father Friedrich. The jewellery was found during renovation work. Since then police have interviewed the workers, the new proprietor and the former owner of the goldsmith’s business.


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