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Mauss – Negotiations Led to Hostage Release

Wochenspiegel 30.09.1998

District (Cen). Success for the secret agent from the Hunsruck, Werner Mauss. Mauss played a decisive role in securing the release of a kidnapped politician last week.

The former president of the Colombian parliament Senator Carlos Espinosa was kidnapped seven weeks ago by guerrilleros of the (ELN) “National Liberation Army”. The ELN claimed the action was justified because of the number of massacres that had been carried out by death squads. These had to be brought to an end.

The German government became involved in the kidnapping case at the request of the Colombian government and assigned Mauss to the case. After three days of talks with the conflicting parties Herr and Frau Mauss achieved a breakthrough. In a 14-point paper, agreement was reached on an immediate stop to the massacres and police investigation into the many past crimes.

In return the ELN promised to release the 45-year-old politician. The Hunsruck agent stressed that he was given a “guarantee for the release” of the senator.

His involvement had been a “purely humanitarian mission”.

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