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ELN Documents: Petition to the German Government

Translated from German

Petition to the German Government

We would like to ask for your help in arranging a meeting between the leadership of the ELN and representatives of the various sectors of Colombian society.

We believe this meeting to be important because it represents a first step in a process by which we will all be able to work together to find solutions to Colombia’s internal conflicts.

We, the ELN, declare that we wish to work towards a bilateral and temporary ceasefire in order to create the necessary conditions for negotiations between the guerrillas, the state and the rest of the nation.

In order to realise this we believe it to be essential for the Colombian government to bring an end to the paramilitaries and to mass murder, and to bring the armed forces who cooperate with the paramilitaries and who are responsible for human rights abuses under control, and that they track down the perpetrators of these crimes and bring them to justice.


Colombian Mountains
8th June 1998

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