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Letter from President Samper 28th June 1996

Translated from German
Presidential Office of the Republic of Colombia
Federal Chancellor
Bogotá, 28th June 1996

Dear Chancellor,
Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks for the interest shown by your government in helping to find solutions for the problems of our country, in particular for those problems connected with drug trafficking and with the guerrillas.

In the case of the first, Colombia appreciates the enormous contributions made by your government at the international level. Since we know that these are persistent problems, we would be very grateful if we knew that we could rely on your further good offices, now, when the world’s major powers are sitting together to discuss important issues, and in the future, under conditions that we could agree upon together.

With regard to the guerrillas, we believe that you can offer us valuable support here too. We are presently engaged in evaluating recent events and will be in touch again within the next few days so that we discuss the precise objectives of our collaboration in more detail.

Kind regards

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