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Letter from President Samper 11th July 1996

translation, (this version translated from German)
Letter from President Samper to Chancellor Kohl, dated 11th July 1996

Bogotá, 11th July 1996

Dear Chancellor,

With this letter I would like to provide more details on the proposals submitted in our letter of June 28th and to kindly ask for your and your government’s support and collaboration in finding and working on solutions to the problems mentioned.

Guerrilla activities in the country continue to cause problems, while government proposals for reconciliation are ignored. We would appreciate it, if with your help, arrangements could be made to enable the immediate intervention of Minister Schmidbauer, a man whose outstanding influence is well known to us. The objective would be the initiation of a process – the details of which we can discuss – aimed at achieving a constructive and useful dialogue that would contribute to the creation of a healthy reconciliation and a lasting peace for our country.
We are certain that with your support, for which we thank you in advance, we will quickly find solutions which will be acceptable to the international community and make it possible for our country to make greater strides in the process of development, something to which not only our wealth of mineral resources, but also the qualities of diligence and honesty of our people entitles us.

To allow the above issues to be more fully discussed, I have asked my Interior Minister Dr. Horacio Serpa Uribe, who carries my full confidence, to talk to you next week.

Yours sincerely

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