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Documents - Peace Process Colombia

Environment Secretary Eduardo Verano de la Rosa, July 8th 1998 to Chancellery Minister Schmidbauer MdB

Ministerio del Medio Ambiente
Despacho Ministro

Santafé de Bogota, July 8th 1998

Bernd Schmidbauer
Staatsminister Kanzleramt

Dear Minister of State,
In the name of the Colombian people and my government I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your government for the support which has led to the peace negotiations now about to take place in the city of Mainz between representatives of the civil population, the National Peace Committee and the ELN National Liberation Army.

There is no doubt that this way to peace brings a new light of hope to the Colombian people. Especially since these talks are to take place in a country of high international standing such as Germany.

In addition, I also wish to pass on my appreciation of the great efforts made by the German Bishops’ Conference and by Herr Werner and Frau Ida Mauss who made possible the first contacts from which we are now hoping to see an end to the internal conflict and a beginning of national unity.
I also wish to inform you that I will be flying to Germany officially on July 13th. I will be arriving at Frankfurt at 6.45 a.m. on the 14th of July, then travelling to Mainz to coordinate a first government agenda with representatives of the ELN with whom I will be meeting there.
I would consider it a great honour if we could have a personal meeting next Tuesday, the 14th of July, in order to discuss some important aspects in greater detail.

In anticipation of your confirmation of a meeting, I remain, respectfully yours,

Eduardo Verano de la Rosa

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