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Letter from President Samper 13th June 1996

Translated from German

Dr. Helmut Kohl
Federal Republic of Germany

Bogotá, 13th June 1996

Dear Chancellor,

First of all I would like to express my thanks for the friendly welcome extended to Mr Carlos Villamil Chaux by Minister Schmidbauer on the 29th of May 1996 when Mr Villamil Chaux was sent by me to inform the German government on current problems in Colombia as well as their possible institutional solutions.

We know that your government has expressed interest in assisting us in finding solutions to these problems and that you have held discussions with President Clinton in order to facilitate this help. We would therefore like to express our sincere gratitude to you.

We also know that you have asked Minister Schmidbauer to remain in contact with us and we also thank you for that.

I have requested Mr Carlos Villamil Chaux who is currently in Germany and who has a meeting with the Minister tomorrow to inform the Minister of the events of the past few days and, on his return, to provide me with a detailed report on your opinions and suggestions for solving the said problems.

Yours sincerely


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