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40 Years of Fighting Crime – A Pioneer in the Fight Against Criminality

RZ (Rheinzeitung)

No. 174   30.07.1998


Still Many Obstacles to Peace

World: “Justice must once more prevail”
Colombia: Exclusive interview with guerrilla leader

Bogotá/Mainz, “There is no social justice: the state is involved in criminal violence.”

Colombian guerrilla leader Antonia Garcia bemoans the fact that there are still many obstacles in the way of peace in his country.

In an interview with the Rheinzeitung, the Colombian National Liberation Army’s (ELN) number two calls for a parliamentary inquiry to be set up to investigate the crimes of right-wing extremist paramilitaries. Without this, he feels, there can be no reconciliation in Colombia.

Garcia, one of the most prominent of Colombia’s guerrilla leaders, gives his first interview to a European newspaper. He is optimistic that the peace process initiated in Mainz under the auspices of the German Bishops’ Conference will continue – in spite of the difficulties.

The ELN was also present at the peace table.
See also, Rheinzeitung: “Justice Must Once More Prevail” [Link].

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