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40 Years of Fighting Crime – A Pioneer in the Fight Against Criminality

End-of-the Year Review: 21st May...

RZ (Rheinzeitung) No. 300 28.12.1998

May 14th: The investigating committee on hazardous waste smells an explosive rat. One of Environment Minister Klaudia Martini’s advisers is said to have passed on protocols to witnesses from the special waste management association SAM. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) calls for Martini’s resignation on the basis of betrayal of state secrets. She denies having been involved. Investigation results: SAM structures are to be tightened up. Martini gives up presidency of the SAM supervisory board in December.

May 17th: The 50 million project “Erlebniswelt” is opened at the Nuremberg Ring.

May 21st: Werner Mauss the secret agent is allowed to leave Colombia with his wife. The court accepts that his attempt to free a German hostage kidnapped by Communist guerrillas was a “humanitarian mission”.

Since then he has been attempting to bring about peace in Colombia with the help of German bishops.

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