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Translated from German
Original article in Turkish from the daily newspaper Hurriyet of February 1 1992

Sakir Sad and Ali Daglar report from Istanbul

Legal proceedings are currently being instituted against German jeweller Rene Düe, who is accused of inciting two Turkish workers to rob his jeweller’s business in Germany in order that he could then claim the insurance money, and then of hiring one of the men to murder the other.

Lawyer of co-plaintiff Aydin Cosar, comments: “While one Turk is lying in his grave and another is in prison, the one who is actually responsible for this murky business is walking free in Germany.

The guilty German must be punished.”

Lawyer Aydin Cosar, who took on the role of co-plaintiff at the request of the murdered Nevzat Avan’s family, claimed in his petition at yesterday’s hearing before the seventh division of the Istanbul district court that Rene Düe was the real guilty one.

Aydin Yildiszoy, currently in custody, accused of having strangled his friend and then sewn the lips together, and for whom a 24-year prison sentence is being demanded, had earlier testified that he had committed the murder for 250,000 Deutschmarks on the orders of the German jeweller. In so doing, he had also related details of the robbery.

Following Yildiszoy’s later alteration of his testimony, the court decided to first wait for reports from forensics where the accused was undergoing examination to determine his mental state. The hearing was adjourned.


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